Authors Guidelines

Author Guidelines

Instructions to Authors for the Preparation of Manuscripts
(Times New Romans, Centered, 17 pt.)

Author A.N1, C.D. Co-author1 and E.F. Co-author2    (Times New Romans, 11 pt)
1.   Affiliation.   (Times New Roman, Italicized-10 pt)
2.   Affiliation.    (Times New Roman, Italicized -10 pt)
*      Corresponding Author:    Email:  (Times New Romans-10 pt)
Abstract            (Times New Romans, Bold -12 pt)

 (Times New Romans, Italisized-10 pt)
Key Words:   text; text; text; text; text                                       (Times New Romans, 12 and 10.5 pt)

1.    General Instruction
All papers should be written in English. The paper must be written in double-column format.

2.    Headings
This sheet has been typeset in accordance with the style to be followed for the headings (Time New Romans, Bold, pt. 12).

2.1  Subheadings
Same as headings (Time New Romans, Bold, pt. 12).

3.    Page Layout
Paper format: standard A4 double columned (spacing is 0.3″ which will automatically adjust width to 2.98″) and fully justified. Margins should be Normal.
Header from top and bottom should be 0.5″.
Use Times New Roman Font for the main text and for the headings.
Paper title: 17 pt bold (Title), Author(s): 10 pt (Author), Affiliation (d): 10 pt italic (Affiliation), Abstract: 10 pt. & italicized, Key Words: 10.5 pt. table and figures captions: 10.5 pt.
For headings, spacing should be as follows:
Before: 12 pt; After: 6 pt with single line spacing.
Spacing for each paragraph should be as follows: Before: 0 pt; After: 6pt with single line spacing.

4.    Page Limit
Number of pages for a complete manuscript should be from 2 to 6.

5.    Figures and Tables
Figure captions should be below the figures; table captions should be above the tables. Figures and tables should be placed either within single column width or on the full page width preferably at the top or bottom of the column or page. Leave single line space above and double line space below the figures. For tables, leave double line space above and single line space below.

6.    Equations
Equations are to be numbered consecutively throughout the paper. Each equation number must be unique. Equations should be centered, with the equation number in parentheses, flush with the right-hand margin of the column. Leave a single line space before and after equations.


Number citations consecutively in the text in square brackets [1]. Within text, cross reference as [1].
IEEE format should be followed strictly.