Undergraduate Program

The Department offers the following programs:

  1. BSc. Electrical Engineering
  2. MSc. Electrical Engineering with the following specializations:
    • Computer
    • Electronics and Communications
    • Power Systems
  3. MSc. Telecommunication Networks
  4. PhD. Electrical Engineering

The bachelor’s degree curriculum provides exposure to basic knowledge in Physics and Mathematics followed by an intensive coverage of the principles of Electrical Engineering both in classrooms and Laboratories. To stimulate their imaginations, students are assigned projects at appropriate stages. Furthermore, the curriculum is regularly revised to cater for the contemporary needs of the field of engineering. In order to reinforce the liaison between industry and academia, a final year project exhibition is held every year to provide the students with an opportunity to manifest their technical acumen. Internships in the local industry provide the students with hands on experience in industrial equipment. Moreover, breadth is added to their technical know-how through industrial tours to the leading industries in the country. Students are encouraged to join the professional associations to widen their exposure to engineering research and to provide them with an active platform for exchange and expression of their technical ideas.

Laboratories and other Facilities

The Department has the following well-equipped Laboratories:

  • Analog and Digital Electronics
  • Applied Electricity
  • Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Communication Systems
  • Power Electronics
  • Computer Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • High Voltage Engineering
  • Final Year Project Lab
  • Power Systems
  • Project Design
  • SUPCON Automation
  • Electrical Machines
  • ZTE –UET Telecommunication Center

Department has highly qualified and experienced faculty with most of the Ph.D. faculty members qualified from reputed national and international universities. Faculty members with higher qualifications are engaged in M.Sc./Ph.D. teaching and supervision of research. The Department also hires teaching assistants for the assistance of senior faculty members in theory and Laboratory.

Research work being carried out at the Department, has direct bearing on the needs of national industry. The Department also offers testing facilities and consultancy services to local manufacturers of electrical and electronics equipment. Faculty members and postgraduate students are engaged in research and publish papers in national and international journals and conferences. Many faculty members have won research grants from HEC and ICT RandD funds.

The Department has a Research Laboratories and an up-to-date library for the use of the faculty and the students. The Department also organizes seminars and workshops frequently in various areas of electrical, electronics, computer, and control engineering. Faculty members and prominent researchers from home and abroad deliver these seminars.