Graduate Program

  • M.Sc. Electrical Engineering 
  • Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 
  • M.Sc. Telecomunication and Networks 

The Postgraduate office is continuously striving to improve the standard of postgraduate teaching and research quality so that it is at par with the best universities in the west. 
The Department offers two Postgraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering – aM.Sc. and a PhD. 
The Department of Electrical Engineering offers courses in the following specializations: (a) Electronics & Communications, (b) Computer, and (c) Power. In general, all the fundamental courses (i.e., those which are pre-requisite of other courses) are offered in the fall semester with some elective courses. In the spring semester, all elective courses are offered. Normally, the number of offered courses in each semester is around twelve. 
The faculty has so far supervised close to four hundred MS theses and seven PhD theses in various areas of Electrical Engineering. 
The Postgraduate office has a library of almost five hundred books on various areas in Electrical Engineering courtesy our former director the late Dr Masood Ahmad. 
The Postgraduate office is moving towards a paper-free environment. All the important forms can also be downloaded from this site.

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