Safety Procedures


“Provision of high quality teaching and research in a safe and hazard free environment/workplace.”


Department of Electrical Engineering has consistently recognized its legal obligations as well as other requirements and the importance of its valuable faculty, employees, Electrical Engineering graduates’ health and safety.

Department of Electrical Engineering is committed to control and perform its teaching and research activities with latest techniques, free from hazards; to respect the health, safety and environment of its faculty, employees, Electrical Engineering graduates, suppliers, partners, visitors, interested parties and community neighbors.

Department of Electrical Engineering is committed to communicate this policy both internally and externally. Our management staff is responsible for ensuring awareness and HSE training of their personnel, Electrical Engineering graduates and has to ensure compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety program.
We are encouraging our subcontractors, suppliers, interested parties and customers to adopt a policy on health and safety. We are seeking for continuous improvement in health and safety performance in support of our objectives and targets and regularly reviewing this policy.

We are committed to create a safe and hazards free work place by:

  • Defining the health and safety responsibilities of faculty and employees.
  • Involving, consulting and communicating with all personnel, contractors, customers,suppliers, partners, visitors, interested parties and community neighbors on health and safety issues.
  • By measuring, monitoring and reviewing occupational health and safety performance.
  • By assessing identified hazards for identifying control measures required to mitigate and /or reduce those hazards.
  • By creating a workplace, class rooms, labs free of occupational injuries and illnesses.

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