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About the Cadence University Program

Department of Electrical Engineering is grateful to Cadence Design Systems for their generosity in providing EDA tools. At UET, these will be used by the faculty to further their research and students to increase their skillset.

Cadence Tools in the EE Curriculum

Cadence software will be used primarily in the following courses in the  Department of Electrical Engineering at UET Lahore:

  • EE-100and EE-110 Circuit Analysis and Design: Instructors will use SPB/Orcadlite/PSpice for basic instruction in SPICE. The students will cover electrical, electronics and micro-electronics analysis using Cadence tools
  • EE-272 Digital Systems: Cadence Xcelium logic simulation will be used by the students to simulate digital designs and build their test benches. The course starts with the design of basic building blocks of digital logic and ends at the design of a single-cycle RISC-V processor. The students will perform all related labs on Cadence Genus and Xcelium for the synthesis and simulation of their designs, respectively.
  • CSE-620 FPGA Based System Design: The Virtuoso schematic/layout editors and Diva/Calibre DRC/LVS/Extraction tools are used in this course to teach students advances concepts of digital system design using the NCSU Design Kit. The course uses Cadence Virtuoso as the only acceptable tool for a semester long design project in this course. A significant number of students in this class also uses Spectre simulation environment for design while a fraction of students uses HSPICE for simulations.
  • EE-475 Computer Architecture: Modern computer processor architecture. I/O Architecture. Instruction-set architecture and high-performance processor organization including pipelining and data and instruction parallelism. Cache, memory, and storage architectures. Multiprocessors and multicore processors. Coherent caches. Interconnection and network infrastructures.


Faculty Research Groups Using Cadence Tools:

  1. Dr. Muhammad Tahir
  2. Dr. Ubaid Ullah Fayaz
  3. Dr. Farooq
  4. Mr. Umer Shahid

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